Download XFA Worker

On this page you can download the latest version of XFA Worker.
This currently is version 5.5.7, which depends on:
  • iText(Sharp) 5.5.7
  • XML Worker 5.5.7
The download is a ZIP archive that contains:
  • An example XFA form and corresponding data
  • A simple example (in source code) to demonstrate how the filling and flattening API can be called. It uses the above form and data.
  • For the Java version: a .bat file to compile and run the example
  • For the C# version: a Visual Studio .NET project file for the example
Additionally, the iText(Sharp) and XML Worker libraries are required. These can be downloaded separately here.
An online demo (release version and latest development version) of the filling and flattening functionality is available.

XFA Worker downloads

Obtaining a license

XFA Worker is a closed source product. You will need a license file to use it.
Please contact our Sales department for information regarding licenses and pricing.
You can also request a free trial license that is valid for 30 days.
Instructions on how to use the licensekey library and license file are available.