Download the iText Android/Google App Engine port

You can find the iText port for Android/GAE, iTextG, on this page

Differences between the iText core library and the Android/GAE port:
  • iTextG uses SpongyCastle instead of Bouncy Castle. Make sure to download and include the right jars: scprov-jdk15on and scpkix-jdk15on
  • References to any of the classes not on the Google App Engine whitelist have been removed.

Important notes concerning the use of iTextG on Google App Engine:
  • Refrain from using the constructor of PdfReader that uses a path.

Important notes concerning the use of iTextG on Android:
  • Android 4.0 (and higher) changed how it uses Certificates: The KeyChain API will not allow SpongyCastle from getting a certificate (at the time of writing: September 2013). You can use the certificates outside of this API.